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Morning Fog

Right Brain Solutions for Left Brain Challenges

Uncomplicating the complicated

Our Associates specialize in streamlining content for clarity, scope and impactful visualization of difficult, complicated information and processes.

In a Meeting
In a Meeting

New Emphasis for New Business and Technology Demands

In an age dominated by technology and overwhelming information overload, there is a growing need in business for individuals that rely more on the creative, artistic and illustrative side of the brain for providing technical solutions. We find this particularly true in environments forged and dependent upon left brain excellence that rely on problem solving, analytics, and principled logic.

Asian woman having a job interview

A Right Brain Emphasis

DESIGN: Products, services and experiences that are not only functional but creative, visual and emotionally engaging. This is not only personally rewarding but economically critical in today’s marketplace.

STORYTELLING: Yes storytelling works even in business.Today, the essence of communication, learning development and persuasive, concise documentation is built around a compelling narrative.

CONTENT SYNCHRONIZATIONThis isn’t about analysis but rather synthesis – leveraging the ability of seeing the big picture, crossing boundaries and combining disparate pieces into a whole. We provide clarity, impact and focus on our deliverable.

Business Card Design
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