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Right Brain: A Potential Workplace Superpower in the Age of Ai

Updated: Mar 10

Left Brain dominant thinking can get trapped within its own expression, paying attention only to what it already knows. However, new thoughts initially come into awareness through our right brain, leading to fresh ideas, insights and perspectives.

Artificial intelligence is not going away. As it becomes more and more prevalent, the question of exactly how Ai will affect future work is playing on the minds of leaders and employees.

The main consensus among many employees is that Ai will impact their work either by replacing their job or by requiring new skills in ways many are unsure of how or where they can be attained or acquired. But there is a big, big perspective and potential solution people may be overlooking or casually dismissing.

In the age of Ai, our way of working today is highly skewed towards using the logical, analytical left side of the brain, which has helped us to enhance our problem-solving abilities in the work environment. This is the premise upon which Ai is coming into prominence. But there is a vastly under-utilized and overlooked superpower that everyone should be paying close attention to. This glossed over superpower can not only enhance Ai, but secure the unique, innate and creative aspects of the human mind. The superpower I'm speaking of is the right side of the brain.

Ai can accelerate production by reducing tasks, eliminating and refining steps and kickstarting dead starts to initiate projects and can generally get you 80-90% toward a solution in most instances, however, it is the right side of the brain that can accommodate for the missing 10-20%. It is right brain activity that will render higher levels of quality and provide specific nuances, expertise or unique natural ability needed to fill gaps Ai either can't or doesn't cover.


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